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Let Don tell you about his soon to be published new book: "Rolling Over During Tough Times".
Let us e-mail to you a White Paper of the content to tell you how this book might be the answer to helping you regain economic traction during our present downturn:

ToughTimes Cover


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Planning for a successful retirement

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The Key to a Successful Retirement is Planning

happy coupleRetirees and soon to be retirees all have stumbled through the retirement confusion maze in hopes of capturing the ultimate goal of hope, security and contentment during their post earning years. Some emerge unscathed ready and willing to savor those worry-free years ahead; others, sadly a majority, are bumping into barriers preventing those dream retirement years becoming their lifestyle reality.

Our company's goal is to eliminate the barriers and cover up the potholes to smooth the transition into retirement. We accomplish this in a myriad of ways examining critically such areas such as investment wealth, IRA rules, pensions (401ks, etc), Social Security, Medical Care, tax consequences, withdraw strategies, longevity, debt management, health care costs, risk, long term care, family needs, insurance, lifestyle commitment and much more.

1.Exploring income Sufficiency
2. Analyzing Income Taxes
3. Comparing Expenses
4. Evaluating Investment Options
5. Assessing Risk & Return
6. Creating Adequate Estate Plan
7. Reviewing Lifestyle Options


Off course, every retiree we help mapping out their retirement has different goals, aspirations and needs. That's why we as a company accent the "planning process" early into our relationship. Planning is the essential element that puts our clients on a level playing field with retirement's challenges. More important, it gets our client and his/her family to crystallize their thinking process to develop their own retirement handbook, if you will. From there, our assigned role to help you build a retirement dream that fuses into reality. Finally, review the four steps it takes to build a perfect retirement and then make a decision to get in touch with us for a retirement check-up.


"We help people convert their
accumulated assets
into a retirement income stream
they cannot outlive"


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10 questions to consider when reviewing your current Medicare coverage.

Posted by Jack Bradley, Newport Insurance Advisors (949) 706-6177 


Do you have basic Medicare, or have you enrolled in a Medicare Supplement, Part D Pharmacy, or Medicare Advantage program?

You may be missing an opportunity to save money by enrolling in one or more of the available Medicare programs.

Did you purchase a Medicare Supplement plan before 2010?

If your plan was purchased prior to that date, it might be a "standardized" plan which has now been replaced by a "modernized" plan. The newer plans have better benefits, and potentially lower prices.



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